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November 13, 2011
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When Indy woke up the next morning she wasn't sure where she was for a moment. Then, it all came flooding back. She lay gazing up at the ceiling and stroking Gus, who was dozing with his chin propped on her stomach. It had been okay last night, in the dining hall. The room had contained lots of little tables rather than one big one, so Indy had been able to stay with Lindsey and Simon and eat quietly, watching everyone else and getting the measure of the things. Quite a few people had come up to say hello and she'd been introduced, but nothing too daunting. Matt Vitae had not yet made an appearance; apparently he'd been tied up with something last night, but Lindsey had assured her he was just as enthusiastic to see her.

Out of the corner of her Indy saw her mobile light up on the bedside table. She reached across and found a text from Simon.

Morning. Guessing you're awake. I'm dragging your brother out of bed. Knock at half past and we'll go down. Text if you need anything. X

Indy smiled; when Simon said dragging, he meant it. Her brother was not a morning person. Gently shifting Gus, she got up and got ready, showering and dressing and wondering how they day was going to work out. When the hands on the clock showed half past, she stepped into the corridor. Lindsey's door was open and he was inside – but so was someone she didn't know.

It was a woman – a tall and very sophisticated looking woman with sharply cut black hair and olive skin. She was flicking through a wad of papers, as though checking something. It was clear from the expression on Lindsey's face that he wasn't paying them much attention; his eyes were on her, and he was smiling a smile that Indy hadn't seen before. Though nothing untoward was going on, somehow Indy got the feeling she was spying. She slipped back into her room.

After about ten minutes her phone flashed again. It was a barely readable message from Lindsey telling her he was waiting (her brother still hadn't quite got to grips with predictive text – some of the things he sent might have been written in a foreign language for the sense they made). Guessing that the woman had probably gone, Indy went next door. Lindsey was sitting on the bed lacing up his shoes, with a grouchy Simon standing nearby.

"Morning!" Lindsey signed. "Sleep well? Shall we breakfast, and then I shall show you the costume department? I thought we could gallivant around la belle Paris this afternoon, if that suits."

Indy nodded. As they headed to breakfast someone else joined them and began chatting to Lindsey. Indy tugged Simon's sleeve and they fell back a little.

"Who was the woman in Lindy's room this morning?"

"You saw?" Simon's expression blackened. "That was Miss Bossy Boots tour manager Ellie Thornton, giving Lin a grilling about a legal document he drafted yesterday. Like she knows better! She's evil."

"Oh. Couldn't that have waited?"

It seemed odd to bother Lindsey at this hour on a business matter. Ellie Thornton must be a brash kind of person if she felt she could walk into people's bedrooms anytime she wanted. What if Lindsey had still been in bed – would she have bothered him then? From the authoritative way Ellie had been standing, Indy got the impression she probably would have.

As though reading her mind, Simon said, "She wanted to get him early when he wasn't quite awake and couldn't argue properly with her. Like I said, evil. I can't stick her! Luckily she's far too busy to bother with the likes of me and you."

Simon wasn't usually quite so emphatic in his dislike of people. Ellie Thornton really must have done something to rub him up the wrong way – Indy could feel him seething beside her. She decided she would take Simon's advice and keep out of Ellie's way; there was no reason why the tour manager should bother with her, anyway.

"Simon," she said as they entered the breakfast room. "On the train you said you managed to annoy some of the tour people. What happened?"

"Don't want to talk about it. Doesn't reflect well on me."

"I'm not going to think of you any different."

"It's embarrassing, Indy – I was behaving like a prick. Oh, no!" Simon smacked his forehead. "Ignore that word, okay? Lin'll go spare if you pick up any bad language from me."

"I's okay," Indy thought about a way to make Simon feel better and came out with, "It just shows how good you've got at signing that you don't need to think twice about what you say."

"Ah, you're sweet," Simon gave her shoulders a squeeze. "My bad, though."

There was a pause as Indy and Simon drew out chairs and sat down. There was a teapot already laid out filled with English Breakfast Tea. Simon poured them two cups, leaving the remainder for Lindsey, who was still engrossed in conversation a few feet away. This was typical him, letting business and other people's needs get in the way of simple necessities like eating. Indy knew for a fact that Simon often had to insist on Lindsey going to bed else he'd be up working each night. If Lindsey didn't join them in a few moments Indy supposed they'd have to go and drag him over. She took a sip of her tea.

"Please tell me, Simon. About what you said. Maybe it'll make you feel better."

Simon ran a hand through his hair, looking uncomfortable. Indy waited. She knew he found it hard to hold out when she asked something and sure enough, Simon said, "It was the outfit and the hairpiece they were planning for me. I said it would make me look gay. I never meant it like that, but it pissed a few people off. It was such a thick word to use. Don't know why I said it. I'm not, y'know, homophobic or anything. Somehow I always manage to say the wrong thing. I'm not like Lin." Simon paused, clearing his throat. "It's all cleared up now, though. No grudges. Just not the best start is all. Like I said, don't worry about me. It's cool with the security crew. Somehow things for me go better when there's stuff to do and not just talking."

Indy looked at Simon sympathetically as he gulped down tea. When Simon felt uncertain or threatened, he tended to retreat into a grumpy, macho facade and say things he didn't mean. It was an ongoing problem, one she knew he struggled with. She was glad he'd found somewhere he belonged here.

Simon started to say more, but was overcome by a massive yawn. Amused, Indy said, "Were you up for hours having guitar lessons again?"

To her surprise, Simon coloured and laughed. "Ah, nothing like that." He paused, then smiled. Simon's smile was a rare thing – and it completely transformed him. "If you must know, I was making crepes in the middle of the night. And you know what? It was brilliant."

And despite Indy's questions, he refused to say anymore.
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Next part --> [link]

This ties in with #The-Boiler-Tour which was created by *NuisanceBearEull. The Boiler Tour is essentially a music tour that Ellie organised, and Lin, Simon and Indy ended up joining in with (I explain it a bit more in the story). You can find out more by visiting #The-Boiler-Tour.

If you find this via the group, please comment as it would be nice to talk to you and hear what you think!

Simon really makes life difficult for himself sometimes. And mysterious. He's an odd character for me in many ways - I've not dealt with someone quite like him before. But anyway, an installment!

Indy and Lindsey de Villiers, Simon Templeton, Ellie Thornton (c) me
Boiler Tour, Reg Lahey and Matt Vitae (c) *NuisanceBearEull
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KuriosiT-kat Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Dawww Simon and indy moments are cute XD I love Indy!!!
and it's great how the tour tidbits gets laced into the story so smoothly!! yay!! *waits for more*
Larissa-Bright Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, in a weird way I kind of love Simon and Indy's relationship. They are actually on very equal terms within in, despite the obvious age difference.
KuriosiT-kat Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
>w< I think it's really sweet! and I can see it happenning XP even with obvious age diference
Larissa-Bright Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Simon's a big kid anyway, so Indy and he are not so very different! Lindsey is also a big kid, but in a slightly different way.
KuriosiT-kat Nov 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
They are a good bunch >w< they shoudl all sit by a fire roast marshmellows and huggle... (don't ask me where that came from but for some reason that visual popped up)
Oh, Ellie makes an appearance, how cool! :) Seems she's up to her usual duty of keeping Lin in line with work.
I'm curious as to why Simon made crepes in the middle of the night..
Larissa-Bright Nov 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I may not go into that - but be assured, the midnight crepe making did Simon all the good in the world!
I'm wondering if I was being baited, here. I don't really know what to say. You know Reg doesn't want drama on the tour and wants everyone involved to treat others with respect at all times. It's even in the contract.

I almost feel like I have to defend Reg and Matt when they stood up for the room of drag queens and the other homosexual cast and crew. Were they supposed to pat him on the back? They sound like bullies here!

I seldom have such an adverse reaction to a character and it's a tribute to your skill that you can get that kind of reaction out of me.
Larissa-Bright Nov 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course you’re not being bated. I wouldn’t do that. And of course Reg and Matt are right. That’s not in ANY dispute. I know no one wants drama. Remember Reg’s comments in Simon’s tour pic? All I’m making reference to is those. Simon *knows* he was wrong to make those misguided comments, and that he gets the words wrong, That’s all. I just thought it would be nice to show that he knows he got it wrong, and that he’s sorry here.

All I seem to be doing is cause upset with these writing pieces. I’m trying to show some grey areas, but if they’re just causing problems, I will not upload anymore and I will delete these when I am not at work. I’m sorry they’re giving you grief.
... You know that's not what I meant. I don't *want* you to take these down. I don't *want* things to be another way. I *do* want all characters to be happy. You can't write Simon any way other than how he is and I accept that. I just hate the fact that so many characters are unhappy. It bothers me that Simon is miserable. All Reg ever wanted, all I ever wanted, for this was for the characters within to be happy. The both of us feel like a failure when they aren't.


... I imagine you were coming from roughly the same place when you wrote this. They are gifts to me and I have been a poor recipient. Dammitall. I'm just too damned overprotective of Reg. It's my greatest failing as a writer.

It takes an amazing piece of writing to get me riled up like this. *That* is what I should have emphasized. If I didn't like these, I wouldn't have featured the part with Reg in it like I did. If I didn't want Simon to be happy Rix and Gia would have done nothing and not approached him. I think I just want to know that he's getting something positive from all this.

I've been in an emotional place eerily similar to Simon's. In my own screwed up way I wanted to give him a moment of joy because that is what I would have wanted in that time. If I had my way, Reg would be privy to knowledge he is not, would approach Simon in someplace quiet and apologize to him -not only for speaking to him the way he did, but for the way those jackasses from his old neighborhood treated him. For all the damage they've done.

Don't take these down. Please.
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